Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Kane and I drove to Clarksville, Tennessee (an hour north of Nashville) this weekend for Oktoberfest. It was such a good time! The weather was chilly, and it was fun to bundle up in our coats for the first time this fall! We've decided that we definitely need to make it to the real Oktoberfest one of these days!
The schnitzel and potato salad was incredible, but I chose to forego the sauerkraut. :)
Thanks to our friends Steve and Meagan for inviting us!


  1. Oktoberfest sounds great and it looks like you had a great time!

    Please, help me spread the word about - a girl (not me) is trying to collect pictures from all over the worl with people holding signs saying "Hello Tony" as a gift for her boyfriend. I love the idea and she is missing pictures from the US.

  2. What is schnitzel exactly? I suppose I could look it up. Ha! I think my boss's daughter was in Germany during Oktoberfest one time, that was fun for them!