Friday, October 7, 2011

New Blog Header

Bear with me as I make a few changes around here. I have an awesome new blog header designed by my friend Meagan Wirrick. It's a little fuzzy, which I need to figure out how to correct. But I'm working on it!

Those of you with blogs, do you have any tips? My file is crisp and clear until it gets into Blogger...there's always something I can't figure out! :)


  1. love it!
    (not sure why it isn't crisp though...)

  2. Ugh, I always have problems with headers in blogger. Mine comes up all even and great in Firefox, but if you look in internet explorer, it extends on the right way past where it should. I have no idea how to fix it - i'm always trying ifferent settings, different sizes, etc and I can never get it to work right or make sense! Sorry!

  3. I'm in the same boat as you...I would love to invest in my blog's prettiness but hubby thinks it's not necessary :(

    The chick I want to redesign my blog is out of the office but she's super FAB!

    I think your header is adorable!