Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So, in my usual fashion, I am incredibly behind the times with social networking technology. (It only took me about 7 years to finally get on facebook.) I now have a Pinterest account, but I'm just not sure of the most efficient way to use it. So far I've used it to compile invitation ideas for the party we're going to have when we close on our first house (more on that later) but that's about it.

I'm curious how all of you use your Pinterest accounts. Leave a comment to let me know.


  1. I love pinterest, I literally pin anything that I would usually either bookmark or save to my desktop. I've got quite a few boards going, each with a different sort of theme. I really like your idea though, using it to collate ideas for an event all in one place. Have a look at my boards if you want http://pinterest.com/eleanor_rae

  2. i tried, but couldn't find you...maybe i'm dumb. my user name is amygrace02

    i like to post things i like or what as far as clothes or furniture and stuff like that. i usually use "delicious bookmarks" to tag things especially because it transfers b/w computers (work and home) but it isn't compatible with the new firefox, so i've not really been using it. i probably don't use pinterest as it should be used, but i think that's also because i keep forgetting about it!

  3. Kendall: I have become very active with Pinterest! and partly from the blogging course I took in the spring. We all trade ideas and follow each other (there were 400 in the class!) Everyone has a different take on Pinterest and all use it differently. I find it drives people to my blog all the time (be sure to include a link in your profile!)
    It is a wonderful, easy way to find new people and blogs and ideas! One thing leads to another, and yes, it is a real time-suck (hate that phrase, but it's true!) I spend a few minutes on it every day.
    As one blogger said: "If you can't find me, it's because I'm lost in Pinterest".....
    P.S. I am www.pinterest.com/libbywilkie (I think that's it!)
    Let me know if you have questions!